Some Of Our Furry (and not so Furry) Customers!

Here's just a few of the pets we care for.

Enjoy our Gallery!

Dog Walker Narborough


What a boy Buster is! He is such a loving dog. He's full of fun and energy and I'm always greeted by a very happy Buster!

Buster Loves:

  • Towel drying on soggy days
  • Investigating and following every smell


Full of beans! Everything is a brand new adventure. This little pup loves meeting new people and other dogs.

Casper Loves:

  • Ball games
  • Cuddles
Dog Walking Leicester Forest East - Max


Max is a very confident and playful. If we're playing games, Max will be the first one there!

Max Loves:

  • All toys
  • Playing chase with his buddies


Archie loves everybody and everything! He's a super social dog with a welcoming attitude!

Archie Loves:

  • Meeting new friends
  • Chewing (anything!)
Dog Walkers Leicestershire - Archie
Dog Walkers Leicester


Bilbo is definitely one of the most relaxed dogs I walk! He takes everything in his stride.

Bilbo Loves:

  • Rolling in the grass
  • Paddling in water (not too deep though!)

And Some Of Our Feline Friends...

We will add more pictures of our customers as soon as they stay still for a second!